What is Ancestral Healing?

What is Ancestral Healing?

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Quote: ’It takes courage to do the work of healing. It's not comfortable, convenient or easy. It's not "business as usual," or maintaining the status quo. It means the end of denial, pretending and avoiding. It means being radically honest with yourself and those around you. This kind of honesty won't necessarily win popularity contests, but it will recalibrate your DNA.

If we're healing and transforming the wounds we carry from those who came before, we're also changing the trajectory of those who come after. Those who follow will have a different standard as the foundation for the linage. If we break the chain of addiction, violence or other inherited, limiting beliefs, our children and their children and those who follow them are given access to possibilities not available to the ancestors. And thus, the entire lineage evolves.’ - Dr Judith Rich

For me, this quote beautifully and succinctly describes what inner healing work is all about – taking responsibility for, then getting down and dirty, and digging deep and discovering what the emotional &/or behavioural issues are that are blocking you from living a fulfilled life.

It can be somewhat surprising to individuals what is uncovered when they dig deep with the help of their therapist or shamanic psychotherapist or family constellations practitioner to get to the root cause of things like:
feeling stuck, overwhelmed, unconscious entanglements, coming up against ‘hidden barriers’ to success, various types of addictions /addictive behaviours, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, poverty consciousness and so forth.

Tracking back through one’s family ancestry can reveal all manner of ‘skeletons’ in the closet which help to establish just when and where a pattern or thread of beliefs and/ or behaviours that has run through a family lineage, has its point of origin. And these can be healed and/or alleviated by Ancestral Healing which unravels the energy cords and clears the DNA allowing new more uplifting patterns and beliefs to replace the detrimental ones.

Ancestral Healing refers to various techniques and practices used by western and alternate therapy healers - including traditional and modern shamans - to help an individual clear themselves, and their descendants, from issues and repetitive scenarios that can be playing out in their lives as a consequence of ancestral wounds, beliefs and patterns that are passed on via the DNA. By doing this, the individual is then freeing their family members backwards and forwards in time, from being subjected to the ‘hidden’ codes and patterning that  can be acting against the well-being and prosperity of a generations of a family. A skilled shamanic healer or shamanic psychotherapist - with the right heart intent, and the active participation/cooperation of the client – can employ ancestral healing techniques that can potentially, effectively clear and heal the lineage going back 10-15 generations.

One of the simplest easiest yet most powerful ways can be through the power of forgiving. The ancient Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono is based on the exponential healing powers of forgiveness where one repeatedly over a series of days or weeks prayers for oneself, and/or one’s ancestors by saying:


The Hawaiians believe that all illness and dissent in the world is present within oneself, under this premise, they believe that when one heals one’s own inner demons and issues or wounds, the outer world is healed. By using Ho’oponopono on oneself, one therefore clears for the 7th generation to come, and those who went before. Hence the DNA of a family lineage is cleared and brought back into harmony and balance once more.
Another powerful way of healing patterns like addictions [eg gambling, drinking, illicit drug use etc]  can be achieved through the shamanic technique known as Family Constellations. Family Constellations as an Ancestral Healing modality arose out of the work of Bert Hellinger. Basically, after spending 20+ years working as  a priest with African folk and later as a psychoanalyst in Europe, Bert observed how the members of the Zulu community would come together to help a troubled individual regain their equilibrium through experiencing the compassionate power of the tribe to energetically ‘hold’ them in a space of love. From what he learnt through  these  people, and his own Western based psychoanalytic work, Bert went on to develop Family Constellations as a tool for Ancestral Healing. Family Constellations are offered as both workshop sessions for multiple individuals, and as one-on-one counselling sessions .. both forms aim to help and support folk to heal their family patterns and DNA. In a typical group; FC session, there is a facilitator who supports the person with some form of entanglement or issue to be resolved. The other members of the workshop participate by ‘taking on the role’ of  an emotion, or family members or geographical locations. Unlike psychopomp or psychodrama where one ‘acts out’ the part, in Family Constellations, the workshop participants embody the energy of the issue /person/ entanglement that the person is seeking to ‘meet’ and then ‘be with’ and finally to move and clear themselves of the ‘issue’. From my own experience, it can be very cathartic and powerful, and quite effective in Ancestral Healing.

Other ways to do Ancestral Healing can  include conscious lucid dreaming, shamanic journey work where the shaman ‘travels’ to other realms to retrieve and/or discover what the root cause of a person’s problems are; time line therapy  and so  on.

Once the Ancestral Healing has been successfully undertaken, it is  amazing how the ‘flow on’ effect can be observed not only in one’s own life, but also through  the extended family. It can be very subtle and sometimes may take a while for  these effects to become apparent.

Is there more prevalence in women or men for Ancestral Healing to be a ‘necessity’.. I feel there are certain types of behaviours or patterns that may be more common to men than women and vice versa. And these can be healed via Ancestral Healing.

Ancestral Healing has the potential, when done with the right heart intent and cooperation between the  one wishing to be cleared and the therapist or shaman, to improve all manner of aspects of one’s life and one’s family for the greater good of  all. It can enable families to move beyond age-old beliefs that have hindered growth and empowerment  and living a healthy and harmonious life.

Bless-ed BE

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