Automatic Writing & Channelled Scribing

Automatic Writing & Channelled Scribing

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Automatic writing is what I describe as ‘The Tool’ – it is a psychic ability or tool allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The writer (in that moment) is not aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. During a session when doing Automatic Writing you are transported to another dimension or place that exists in the void of nothingness, yet connection between souls or higher source is made and the content or information is passed on through text or type. The words arise from the subconscious, spiritual & supernatural source. The writing does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. The writer’s hand forms the message and the person is unaware of what will be written. It is sometimes done in a trance state, other times the writer is aware of their surrounding yet not aware of what is about to be written down. Automatic Writing can be used as a tool to retrieve repressed memory or information stored by the writer’s higher self, Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones & other entities. Perhaps it’s a past life memory, or past lift event. This method is also used in Therapy Sessions by having the patient link into (not their logic side of the brain) their creative side of their brain by advising them to write using their opposite writing hand or non-dominant hand. It is commonly used by Psychics for the purpose of documenting information that is not from their conscious minds, but far deeper into their subconscious to aid in soul development & growth.

Recently, I have been creatively planning a course and although I am well educated in many esoteric fields – I am unable to consciously remember every detail. I choose to sit quietly, ‘go within’ & request the answers from my subconscious, higher self, Spirit Guides & Past Loved Ones. During this process, I channel and receive an abundance of information that I have to type down just to keep up with the information. I am also unaware of how much time has passed as I seem to be hovering or encased in another dimension or time. During this time lapse, I am semi-aware of my surroundings, my body, sensations. Often looking back on the work I have produced and being surprised by the volume.

Channelled scribing is what I describe as ‘The Process’ – Channelling is the process of receiving dialogs of information through psychic, telepathic, empathic or intuitive channels.

The Ancient term ‘scribing’ comes from the public cloaks & secretaries who would document events through the act of writing. Today, it can be a blanket term to write in many forms – handwriting, typing etc. What we mean by ‘scribing’ is to capture the content through drawing an illustration. Drawings that represents metaphors, topics or key themes to try to create the flow during conversation.

I believe Automatic Writing & Channelled Scribing is one of the same, yet I describe one as the Tool and the other as the Process. It is much like the debate of are you a Psychic or a Medium. Each seem to cross the other and at times, are the same. Either one; Automatic Writing or Channelled Scribing you do not remember what you wrote/drew/typed or texted. It is the same as a channelled reading, you never remember 100% of the reading, maybe 5% tops – 95% of the reading is channelled from Higher Source, Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones or other dimensions.

Personally; I prefer to Automatic Type as I am predominantly sitting in front of my computer and when I drift off to connect with spirit, the amount of information that flows is so fast that I struggle to keep up with speed typing. I also follow these steps below. I have witnessed colleagues, and well known Mediums Channel Scribe on note pads, often messy writing, pictures and symbols that are interpreted once the session is completed and the Medium returns to her ‘present state of being’. During a channelling session the channelled or writer will not be able to hear any other person in the room as although their physical bodies are present, their soul is off in a meeting.


Automatic Writing is a form of Channelled Writing/Scribing and is one of the easiest types of psychic communication abilities to develop.

Part 1 – Preparation:


  1. Buy a JOURNAL and dedicate it for Automatic Writing & Channelling that way spirit will respect your intentions and dedications to the task.
  2. COMMIT to DAILY WRITING – you must dedicate and commit yourself to the purpose.
  3. Same TIME each day – If you dedicate yourself and respect Spirit same time each day, it is like requesting an appointment with them to connect.
  4. PROTECTION – to protect yourself is a personal preference.
    1. Imagine yourself being enveloped in pure white light.
    2. Or. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you whilst you channel.
    3. Or. Recite a Prayer (Divine Spirit, I ask for your guidance and protection during this exercise and only allow those from the light to come forward. Amen)

Part 2 – Process:


  1. RELAX – allow yourself to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.
  2. LET GO – of all your worries, thoughts or anxieties of the day.
  3. BE OPEN – to the possibilities of a connection.
  4. TRUST – that you are protected and safe.
  5. HOLD A PEN – in your opposite writing hand (if you usually write with your right hand-use your left).
  6. ASK A QUESTION – anything that you are wanting to know or the person you want to connect with – ask for them to come talk with you.
  7. ALLOW IT TO FLOW – trust what you get and write/type or text it down immediately and do not judge it. Allow it to flow.

NOTE: if you begin to connect and feel frightened, scared or uncomfortable STOP! Simply STOP!

You are ALWAYS IN CONTROL first and foremost. Treat your Spirits like kids – give them boundaries, rules and regulations to follow. Spirits are good at taking directions. They respect those who give them the guidelines & boundaries to work and connect within.

Be aware if you FEEL (Claircognizance) spirit or SEE (Clairvoyance) spirit, even pictures. Symbols may be given to you, write those down and do not judge anything until you have finished. The minute you jump into your logic thinking you will lose the connection.

When learning, don’t expect your sentences, words or pictures to make any sense. At the beginning, all you want to set out to achieve is a connection. Once a routine connection has been established, build on it from there. Remember, don’t filter any of the information – just write!

You may not feel that you have connected with anything the first few times, but don’t give up. It’s a process that one has to learn to trust and develop.

X Jo