How do I create a better life balance.

How do I create a better life balance.

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How do I create a better life balance.

The way our lives are getting busier and the places we live in become larger, finding time in between travel/ work and a peaceful balanced life can seem like looking for a needle in hay stack. When priorities are not in place and Life goes by without much thought, we seem to find no time for anything.

Sitting in traffic then spending most of the day at work only to sit in more traffic to get home seems a world away when you finally get home and then put on your family hat. There is really no time to rest, to call your own. Balance is not even thought off, well actually nothing is due to being too tired mentally from all the other thinking going on.

What if on top of that I add school drop offs, shopping, cooking dinner, being a loving partner and a caring parent. Oh and after school sport activities if your children are active. Before you blink 14 hours is gone in your day and only that many of you really are lucky. After a while the body becomes drained and the simple things in life are a massive struggle. Depression and anxiety can awaken with you if BALANCE is not found.

For some it can be one thing, others it can be a pile of extra work loads that drive the feeling of no balance. Each person deals with stress differently.

So what is Balance or a balanced life? How can it be created?

Well that is really up to you. I say that for some people strive in these situations while others crack early. If you are balanced you will find home life and work life become balanced for you have organised it that way. Understanding exactly what you want in life and then aiming and creating that will bring balance. Going hell for leather is not a balanced life unless you feel you work that way, over time even this will drain you as your own mind will tell you that it is working.

Tiredness comes before breakdown. Heed that warning sign.

To gain a balanced life you first need to –

  • Grad a notepad and pen.
  • Discover what is most important to you, things you love doing. Write these down.
  • List all the things you feel you have to do, no particular order but you will find the most draining are the first ones written.
  • Sort them into days you have to do them on, for not all will happen in one day.
  • Now find your partner or the person that you spend time with the most.
  • If your partner is willing ask them to write down what they feel they need to do.
  • Compare the lists.
  • Circle the ones you can share the time doing, see if you can swap some to. (Being able to swap can relieve the pressure on yourself.)
  • Now highlight what you need to do. This is different to what you think you have to do.
  • Sort out times and days to do these. Basically organising your day.
  • Go back to your fist list of what you love to do. Pencil them in somewhere that feels right to you.
    • Have a look and see if some of these things are short term only, added pressure may actually be a short term thing to.

    Now you have a few lists and your partner or friend is on board lets go a little deeper.

    You have to do something you love no matter what, when enjoyment disappears balance does to.

    When I drove in traffic or should I say sat in traffic for 90mins each way I did things in the car that I liked to do. My music not the radio, a different way home to change the scenery, even stopping and sitting somewhere gave me a little break from the sound of other cars.

    Stopping at a park on the way home from work to read for a little bit or even just to walk around (I find a lot of people get stuck in traffic only to come home and go for a walk in their local area) so doing it during peak hour can actually save you time for the rush is over after your walk. Before you know it, it gives you time to rest before you get out of the car and into family life. This is your time so do something you love for you. Remember the list, what can you do instead of sitting in traffic?

    Even if there is no traffic and you feel out of balance, there is a cause of this that needs to be looked at. Go to the list and see what can be shared with others in the family.

    The bottom line is this – Find what you love to do and do it. Make time now not later. You can say “NO” for your own benefit.

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