How to Create Conscious Relationships In Your Life

How to Create Conscious Relationships In Your Life

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A conscious relationship is something we all should be striving for, not only in love life with your partner but also with every one you come across. It goes beyond the Love feeling in all relationships, it is actually knowing who you are and what you would love to have. Being able to discuss all aspects of your life and come from a place of acceptance not from judgement or criticizing the person for their beliefs.

We are really here to grow and expand ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Spiritual, emotional, mental and also physical growth will lead you to the conscious relationship you started out seeking without even knowing it. It is programmed into our DNA. When the growth stops we feel like our world has ended. We are actually becoming unconscious and just reacting to everything. Ever had this feeling turn up into your mind? This is where conscious relationships of all kinds comes into play by allowing you continual space to grow and evolve.

With the way media portrays love, romance and marriage we can often get misguided and disillusioned very quickly if we feel we are not having the most romantic relationship ever, or our friends are not able to listen to us. Destructive or dysfunctional relationships can evolve very quickly and spiral out of control. This is one reason so many have arguments all the time. No-one is listening or feeling any more. The person wants to be heard and will do what is needed to be heard. An Unconscious pattern develops.

Taking the time to decide to have conscious relationships in your life is well worth the time and effort and you will find it flows out into your everyday life and work environment. As more people talk about and begin to look at spirituality words will pop up from time to time that will ignite a feeling inside you, like Soul Growth and a Conscious person. To be conscious is really only acting not reacting and being mindful of your words and actions. Bringing that into your Love life and social life is creating conscious relationships.

When we look at the Partner aspect of a conscious relationship we should understand that it is romantic relationship where both of you are seeking growth, growing as a couple at the same time using both of your skills and knowledge to do this. Most people just go through the motions in relationships, they forget to keep growing and seek only personal needs. They forget to continue as friends and become unsatisfied with how the relationship has turned out. Bringing the relationship into a conscious one will reignite all feelings and take it to a whole new level. Only when they own and allow what needs to be done to release old patterns will it go to the next level in the relationship. You both have to be on the same page for this to happen, to be able to help each other when needed. Not solve their problems but be there for them.

Now looking at another way to have a conscious relationship we go to our friends around you. This is nearly the same as a partner relationship only with a few little differences. The Love is there, just a little different. Not as intimate or romantic, just a love bond. Not everything is shared although letting them into your life more will open

you up and gain more awareness about yourself in them in the process. Trust is the other factor not always involved compared to your partner.

To be really coming from a conscious place you will have to do some inner work and also a lot of self-healing. For there will be wounds that may need to looked at on every level and every relationship.

Here a few tips to help you become more conscious in your relationships.

  • Own everything you do or say.
  • Actually listen to what is being said to you not just hearing it.
  • Take turns in talking and sharing when communicating.
  • Learn how to express your emotions without getting emotional.
  • Learn to give without expecting anything in return.
  • Let yourself to be loved. (This is actually the hardest one)
  • Be open to receive without the feeling of having to repay anything back.


When you can be vulnerable, open, honest and a good listener you will be on your way to a Conscious relationship with yourself, your partner and your friends. Be able to allow others to express while still be in your own power and not get caught up in anything that is said, is the aim to become a conscious person. When you can become more aware of all your faults and strengths the true growth is there for you.

Always be gentle when you are seeking a conscious relationship, for what you want or need may not be what they are looking for. Just by you being more conscious will have the ripple effect on everyone around you.

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