What is the difference between chakras and meridians?

What is the difference between chakras and meridians?

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So often we get confused when we begin to discover our own energy systems, terms are thrown around and sometimes we get the feeling they mean the same, other times we are left scratching our heads. What really needs to be done is to discover them for yourself and really feel each one, not just hear about it but to experience them.
Humans do so well at learning by practice and books as knowledge is shared around. So when we talk about your energy system we can break it up into 3 areas. Our Aura, Chakras and Meridians, our Aura is on the outside of our body and affects us differently to the other two, so we will focus on what is going on with our Chakra and Meridians fro these work hand in hand.
What is a Chakra?
As a healer I see Chakras as funnels of energy and they also filter the energy into our system, we have 7 primary chakras. Crown, 3rd eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base. We also have well over 200 more energy chakras on our body, basically every joint in our body is an entry point for the energy. If one is blocked or over active then the bodies energy system can be out of balance. Imagine a shower head that has gunk stopping the water to flow out properly, no matter how much pressure is sent through it, the water is not 100% usable.
This is what happens to our energy when a chakra is imbalanced or blocked, we suffer energetically with receiving the lower amount of energy our body needs to function fully at optimum level. So daily or weekly care will make sure your energy levels are where they should be.
The Chakras are also not on our body or in our body, they are a cone shape just of our body like a funnel. Every image throughout time shows a funnel going towards our body with the thinnest point about 5 mm from your skin.
To clear or clean our chakras we can see a healer to help us or do some work ourselves.
Colour therapy matching your chakra will help.
Visualizing Golden white light flowing in and clearing the filter blockage.
Find a space to rest and ask each Chakra centre to shine its colour – Base/ Red, Sacral/ Orange, Solar Plexus/Yellow, Heart/ Pink or Green, Throat/ Blue, 3rd Eye/ Purple, Crown/Indigo or White.
As another view point see the chakra as a restrictor of your full potential, the cone restricts it aswell, while clearing your chakra slowly open each at the very tip near your body each time, all at the same rate and watch your energy get even stronger, doing this over time will enhance every aspect of your energy system and the blockages will happen less and less. Allowing the energy to flow directly into you knowing that your body can and will adjust to this new way of receiving energy.
What are body meridians?
These are your Energy tracks, a lot like a network of train tracks going around and into cities. The more the area needs energy the more meridians will flow there. These are 'transporting' life energy throughout the body. If there are blockages, leading to lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, or a surplus of energy in other areas brings disharmony to the person, normally illness will follow. Remember when you felt really tired and drained, a small blockage was stopping the flow of energy around your body.
Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think, and the overall condition of our health situation. These are very important for us and the Ancient civilizations used many different ways to activate and enhance them. Acupuncture is the most recognized way.
One way to look at how they affect us is to see it as an old soaker hose that would spray water along the hose. Each hole sends the correct amount of water to the area being watered. If one is blocked by dirt or torn the water is not flowing correctly, maybe to heavy or none at all. This is what is going on inside your body on an energetic level. Resulting in an imbalance. They are our energy lines like our arteries are for blood.

How can you clean and allow your Meridians?
Use mindful meditation and go through each part of your body, even if you do not know how your intention will allow the energy to flow.
Visualize an energy beam like a laser flowing and cleaning out any blockages.
See a healer that knows how to work with meridians for extra help.
Both of these work together, Chakras bring energy into your body, Meridians sends the energy around your body. When in harmony that are very powerful ways of enhancing your energy supply.
Never think that they cannot be enhanced either, as you grow as a person so do they.
Ivan Beazleigh
Enchanted Healing
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