What is the difference between universal & practical resistance?

What is the difference between universal & practical resistance?

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What is the difference between universal & practical resistance? By Jo Robertson.

Resistance is a concept created by American novelist Steven Pressfield that illustrates the universal force that he claims acts against human creativity. Resistance is described in a mythical fashion as a universal force that has one sole mission: to keep things as they are. Pressfield claims that Resistance does not have a personal vendetta against anyone, rather it is simply trying to accomplish its only mission. It is the force that will stop an individual's creative activity through any means necessary, whether it be rationalizing,
inspiring fear and anxiety, emphasizing other distractions that require attention, raising the voice of an inner critic, and much more. It will use any tool to stop creation flowing from an individual, no matter what field the creation is in. Pressfield goes on to claim that Resistance is the most dangerous element to one's life and dreams since its sole mission is to sabotage aspirations – Wikipedia.

What is ‘Trusting in the Universe’ mean? It means to know and have faith that there is a divine plan moving through you and your life in any moment. Having trust is to have faith, that deep sense of trust in what cannot be seen. We rely on our inner sense of knowing to guide us and to deliver what we need in the right time.

‘Trust in the Universe’ is now used in mainstream society but it is not the excuse for your aspirations or dreams not working. I have heard many say ‘I tried but the universe didn’t deliver - it’s just not meant to be’. What if you sabotaged the opportunities because you allowed fear to over-rule you? If things didn’t work out, perhaps it is because of something you did or did not do, apply or incorporate into your plans correctly, even at all. Or perhaps you resisted and chose to decline the opportunity. Firstly there is an idea, then that idea is put into a plan and actioned. After which, is left up to the universe to deliver in the correct time. Once your plans have been actioned, it is that letting go of the need to micromanage the process and allow the universe to do its thing. If you’ve put it out there, you’ve actioned what is needed, just relax and trust in the universe to deliver. Time needs to happen to bring about change & opportunities and when it is delivered you have a choice whether to accept.

It is about learning when to trust, when to let go and when to take action.

When you identify trust, how do you identify resistance on a universal level? Everyone knows how to identify with Trust – it feels good, positive and life seems to flow effortlessly. To identify resistance on a universal level is to constantly hit road blocks, humps or dead-ends. Even if you have become flexible within your plans, and you still don’t receive the desired outcome – perhaps you need to question a few things. Am I missing something or am I not aware of the underlying issues. Is this truly what I need in my life? Sometimes, what we think we need, is actually what we don’t need. Just maybe, it’s the universe telling you that it has something better!

How do you tell when it’s you or a bigger force at play? I had a client that had recently been made redundant. He was very qualified, mature age and had been with his current employ doing night shift for over 20years. His life had been the same for the past 20 years, his relationships, living arrangements including his belief patterns and behaviour had not changed. His idea was that if everything in his life remained the same, it would continue to be a safer option. He feared change and he didn’t trust that the universe would deliver to him the very thing that he wished for.

During his reading, I offered him insight into this new opportunity that was coming up, all he had to do was say ‘yes’ and the job was his. I told him that this new opportunity would not only give him his dream job, but also give him the opportunity to do some ‘soul growing’ and release him from the feeling of being stuck in multiple areas of his life. He held a deep fear inside that had manifested some 20 years prior. It was revealed that he feared that his current relationship would not remain solid if he changed any part of it. He feared that his current partner would become sick of him if she seen too much of him. This new job meant that he could finally work daytime hours and give up the long night shift hours that he was sick of. His dream was to find a daytime job, marry his long term partner and move in together. He really wanted to sort his life out. BUT…ultimately he was afraid of how the changes would affect his relationship. He was offered a position close to his suburb, increase in pay and all he had to do was agree to complete onsite training interstate for 6 months. He declined! This is where I see that people sabotage their own success through practical resistance.


When we keep facing resistance, how do we identify for ourselves whether it is us creating this resistance or the universe steering us in another direction? There is always a reason why something is not working or the universe is not delivering. When this happens and we feel resistance, we need to take a hard look at ourselves. Is there a deep subconscious fear? Am I creating this resistance? Or is it the universes way of saying that something better is just around the corner?

What processes can we use?
Change your thought pattern – Assess your thoughts, because we ultimately act out our thoughts. If they are negative thoughts then we will attract exactly that, a negative reality.
Become Aware of your energy field – Your energy field surrounds your body and it is the exact energy that gives off a negative or positive sensation based on how you feel, believe and think. If you feel positive your energy field will feel light, joy, peace, love and have zero resistance. If you feel negative your energy field will feel heavy, sad, depressed, powerless and despondency. Negativity stems from FEAR. When a person feels fear, they are disconnected from their truth of life. What you give off, you attract – it’s The Law of Attraction.
Have a Plan – create a basic plan of what you want to achieve.
Action that Plan – everyday take one small action to achieve your desired outcome.
Flexibility & Assess – continually assess your plan and be flexible with any changes that need making. Don’t get hooked on a certain way something has to be done. If you’re feeling resistance, check in to see, why? Is it you who is resisting?
Be in Tune with Yourself – As you move along your journey of life check in with yourself and take the time to tune in, to see how you feel.
Go with the Flow – once you have set your plan, actioned it and remain flexible as life play out into your future – there comes a time when you must ‘go with the flow’, allow it to be.
Surrender – To surrender means to hand it over to the universe, allow the universe time to provide what you have asked for.
Trust – Trust that you have taken all the necessary steps, applied yourself and actioned what was needed to be able to receive. When you receive, remember to thank the universe for providing. Always respect the bigger picture, the bigger plan. If you don’t receive, then trust that it wasn’t meant to be and go back to re-assess your plan.
Don’t give up! – If you understand who you are and what you want to attract into your life and it feels right – then don’t give up!

A typical Tarot Spread that is identifying this persons own resistance based on past hurts. Revealing the blocks and what he needs to action to help him move forward along his journey.

DISTANT PAST/RECENT PAST: Indicated that his situation or relationship was destructive. A lot of negativity and emotional pain, hurt and regretful memories that have re-surfaced. 20 years has passed but the painful memories have remained, and have not been healed. These have now manifested into a current block.

YOU / CROSSING YOU: You are ready for change and growth, you have the confidence to do so and there are new opportunities around you right now. It’s the perfect opportunity to move you forward. All you need is free-will to action any changes.

THE BLOCK: Wanting freedom and feeling restricted. A difficult situation where you have to face your fears and past hurts. To trust in the universe. Clear sight needed to make a decision. Needing to cut through emotional ties that hold you back.

ABOVE YOU: More money coming, a fresh new start in all areas of your life. It’s your wish come true. This fresh new start brings financial stability in which you are looking for after being made redundant. The hand coming out of the cloud is like a gift from heaven. The universe is providing.

NEXT 3 MONTHS: There is fresh hope and new journeys ahead. The Fool is about taking that leap of faith and trusting in the universe, trusting in yourself that you are able to overcome these blocks to embrace the changes and opportunities that lie ahead. Sometimes we need to take chances in life.

SELF FEELINGS: Not feeling sure of oneself. Emotionally confused and needing clarity on a situation. Feeling deceived in many areas of your life. Clouded emotions and needing to listen to your higher self.

ACTION & CHANGE / ADVICE: Take that leap of faith & trust that this fresh new start is exactly what you need. You wished for it and the universe provided it for you. This will bring to you endings of the old ways of thinking and doing to offer you new beginnings. A total transformation. Learning to grow by overcoming obstacles. Big changes when one cycle ends and a new one begins. Higher level of understanding.

HOPES/FEARS: Learning to Trust.

OUTCOME: Great happiness, contentment and secure life. You have the opportunity to embrace the changes and fresh starts being offered in which will bring you to your desired outcome. Your desired outcome is to have that happy family all living under one roof and to be emotionally fulfilled with life and all its blessings.

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