How to Let Go of Negative Work Energy

How to Let Go of Negative Work Energy

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Many of us don’t realise it but we often recreate dynamics at work that we have experienced growing up in our family of origin. Once we recognise the same roles or patterns of behaviour that we are operating from, we have the power of consciousness to assist us in this process.

Firstly, we have to wise up to the roles that are repeating themselves that we have played. Did we play the caretaker or overachiever in our family and gained approval from that role? Did we play the victim? If so, is this role repeating itself in the here and now? Do we yearn for approval? Do complain when we get loaded with too much work?

Secondly, what behaviours are we critical of in others that we have not faced or integrated within our selves? If we are disowning a certain aspect of our own personality, Spirit may be giving us an opportunity to reconcile back to wholeness.

Thirdly, we need to ensure that we are ready to let go of these roles or integrate new behaviours and aspects of ourselves. This will ensure that we are coming from a balanced, centered perspective when making decisions at work with what we say “yes” or “no” to and how we feel in the process. If we are saying “yes” but we really feel “no”, there is a real incongruence and this can and does create energetic barriers within our physical body. This flows on and affects our health in profound ways.

We can certainly clear our energy if we feel that we have taken on another’s opinions, feelings or toxic energy and I recommend daily chakra clearing on the way home from work whether you are walking, catching public transport or driving. It’s as simple as calling in Archangel Michael and asking for a quick vacuum. You don’t need to have your eyes closed for this to be effective and really all you need is willingness and to ask. Simple, quick and effective. Then you can get on with your night, knowing that you are integrated, owning your own energy and letting go of that which no longer serves.
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