How to manage a dark presence – spirit or human

How to manage a dark presence – spirit or human

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We all have felt uncomfortable around someone even family members, walked into a room and felt really uncomfortable knowing that there is an energy/spirit in the room. This is a very common thing to feel especially if you have begun the spiritual journey. What you may not be aware of is that it can also be a reflection of your own inner thought patterns. So before you jump on the band wagon, take a check to where your thoughts are first before you say anything allowed. It could be your fear. I realize that they are there but I check me first before I do what is needed, basically I listen to my inner guidance.

Everyone can feel a negative energy even the ones that are clueless or so caught up in themselves. It is built within our system to sense these things, Babies are a great guide, they will cry when a relative comes near them not just because they want to cry but deep within them a feel arises that they need to cry out for mum or dad. Animals also are man’s best friend for more than a pet, they are a warning sign as well. Watch your pet around someone they feel odd about.

So what is a dark presence or a spirit that feels really negative? As a healer and reader I come across many that ask this very question, my answer is always the same. What do you think it is? I ask this question to gauge where their thought pattern is. In my definition it is an energy form that makes us feel really uncomfortable and we begin to get negative thoughts in our head when it is around, some may just be a negative outlook to suicidal thoughts and feelings, either way it is harmful for us on a mental or physical level even worse emotional level. If it is a person a cloud is around their head and as soon as I meet them my body lets me know that they make me feel uncomfortable, I will have an urge either to near them or to walk away.

Strange I know but I feel deep within me that my energy can change the feeling around them, the healer in me steps forward and does what is needed, not by doing a healing on them but more like a coffee bean changing the boiling water into a drink, the energy coming from me lifts the energy around me as well. Most of the time the person is unaware of it themselves or I make them feel agitated, not on purpose but just the energy they feel even if they are not aware of energy at all.

This energy can also feel thick and overpowering to so many and a sick feeling comes over them as their energy is drained from their system. A psychic vampire is a word many use to describe that kind of negative energy. Spirit also has negative beings as well, just like humans have positive and negative so do they. A spiritual being is a little harder to notice although the symptoms will be the same.

Now before you jump and down and say “Spirits are good” have a little think about a close friend that just changes after one drink, one that snaps and goes off without any provocation. We all have seen that. Have you uttered the words when you drink you become another person and it is not nice.” Well guess what, there is a negative spirit having a free ride in that person as their energy is weak at that moment. You may not notice this or even know this but I see more spirits in pubs and clubs, anywhere where alcohol or drugs are used then in a cemetery. Why? Because when you are low or not in control spirit can come and play with you.

I will also mention that if it looks black and dark does not mean it is negative for there is what people call dark spirits, it is just the way they look dark not evil.

One thing to be aware of too is if there is a dark/negative spirit near you or communicating with you, it will want to befriend you, treat you nicely and show you things you would not dream about. Not all will, some will straight out deceive you. The ones that take their time are the worst I feel, and they are good at manipulating your thoughts and feelings. What started out as a nice experience, becomes a horrible one very quickly. The messages and feeling contradict themselves. I have seen a few good psychics and healers experience this, so everyone is open to this if they just allow without checking first. Spiritual ones will come in a form you will recognize. As an example: what does Arch Angel Michael look like or any other being that comes to help humans? Who knows unless you get to know them personally, trust will come into it. I ask myself each time a new one comes to me – Who are they? What are they here for? Before I let them really connect. Mind you some just feel awesome and no negative can copy that feeling, but you have to know you first.

To manage a negative or dark spirt/person you have to really know you first.

-          What does your energy feel like? Without knowing this you will never determine if theirs is or not.

-          Trust your instincts, if it feels uncomfortable or really heavy, then decide whether to stay or go

-          Understand your own personal space, where your energy starts and ends.

This sounds simple and I am sure you have heard it before. It is the key to greater inner strength. Know you then know your enemy so to speak.


Now you may know yourself and what you feel like by playing and building your own energy (This is done by cupping your hand and focusing on the space inbetween to create heat or energy. Your energy ball can now be expanded to your entire body crating your Auric field, Take it a little further and have a friend or partner stand with their back towards you (eyes closed) and slowly walk as quietly as you can towards them, as they feel you get close ask them to tell you to stop. Mark the ground and then come from the sides and front, this will show you the energy boundary of you both, how close you are as friends will determine how close you can get to them, just ask them to let you know when they feel you. Now swap.

This will show you how to feel energy and give you a guide line, next time you are shopping stand near someone in the line, how close can you get without feeling crowded? Some closer them others I am sure.

What can you really do to stop the feeling of the negative energy from a person or spirit intruding on you?

-          Take control of your energy, don’t let it overwhelm you.

-          Walk away from the area.

-          Be transparent, by this I mean have the intention that no-ones energy can harm you, everything flows through you not sticking to your body. (Takes a little practise with this but it can be done. It is a mindset.)

-          In your mind ask if this energy is not for your highest benefit then you do not accept it.

-          If Spirit. I command it to leave, if it hangs around I ask The Creatures of Light to remove it. Honestly only a few hang around once they are mentioned.

-          Seek out a Healer or Psychic to check to see if it is with you or trying to attach, but stay out of fear. (A good Healer/Psychic will notice it straight away and go to one you trust, as there are some that will take advantage of you. Back to your inner guidance on that one ok.)

-          Smudging/ Bowls will lift the energy near you as well.

I really want to express as well, if you see them as negative in the first place you can create fear within you. Nothing can harm you when you understand it, only when you are low that you will feel or see it that way.

Everything has a place in this realm we are in, good, bad or ugly. Not all are evil but some can be, the most negative Being/ Spirit/Person can be you, so see where your perspective is, how do you view the world first and foremost then see if the situation changes around you.


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