Managing False Accusations.

Managing False Accusations.

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Unfortunately no matter what job you do or where you go someone will feel the need to try to bring
you down or criticize your work. When they then accuse you of doing something that you know has
not happened so many emotions will run through your head. Worst of all they nearly always affect
the people close to you.  Depending on the nature of the accusation it can cause loss of income to
even friendship and relationship break ups.
The accusation is just the tip of the iceberg, the fall out is very serious and damaging, before you
consider to accuse anyone of anything make sure you have your facts straight and can prove it
without a doubt in a court of law. With so much social media out there to tap into a wrongful
accusation or even a true one can spread very far and cause much harm. You may look very silly
posting it without proof and this can actually harm you more than anything else.
So what would one call a false accusation? It is false when it cannot be proved or backed up, simple
as that. Normally it will be one that never took place or even at an event that never happened.  It
can happen in the persons mind or in a dream and they may feel it happened for real, but there is no
proof or even substance to the accusation, facts are all over the place and nothing lines up. Even
sometimes they will change the time frame to suit their own story (I have seen this happen may
In the Natural therapies industry it can cause way more than you think. There are some out there
that will take advantage of a client and I have even heard it from Practitioner complaining about a
client taking things the wrong way and doing something inappropriate to them. Male or Female it
does not matter, someone will and do take things the wrong way from a simple “I Love you”
statement to a friend or stranger, so as that example shows anyone can misinterpretate words or
So as a healer I am very aware of what I say and do around people, as a reader I have had clients
mistake words spoken during a session and taken offence to what may have been said as they do
not agree with it or deny it, that is one reason I record my readings for clients also so they can go
over the reading again and again to fully understand the messages. Either way you have to be aware
of what is going on around you and how the client will take things.
I have been accused of being inappropriate twice in my career and funnily enough it was the exact
same thing but in two different locations, one at my house where the person and myself swapped
sessions. What made this a false accusation was how the person left my house after I did a healing
session on her and then she came back after retrieving a blanket from her car to do a healing on me.
If it was true the client would never have come back into the house. What was said to someone else
never made sense to them and they called her on it and she got angry and started to accuse her.
Second time I was apparently in a public place at an event and did the exact same thing, what made
this a false accusation was the fact I was there as a reader not as a healer so it never could of
happened. There was other proof why this was a false claim as well but I wanted to show two
reasons as why it was without going into too much detail.

Although it is rare for it to happen, females have had these accusations as well and I have known at
least one other where a male accused them of being inappropriate.
A big mistake people make is for an outsider to be involved and then accuse as well without
checking facts due to them being triggered by their own life experiences. I will say if you feel you
have been inappropriately touched by your practitioner then make sure you have thought about it
before you say anything, get your facts right then do what is needed.
There are many reasons why someone would make up a story or believe it happened, during an
healing session people can be triggered as emotions are brought up and visions float past their mind.
For some it is very real and they may feel like they are back to another event in another time, so
confusion can occur. Other times the client maybe unstable in the first place and they seek attention
or sympathy and their imagination may run wild, talking to someone after the fact may reinforce it
and it becomes very real. I will say it can be very real to so please do listen with an open mind if
someone does come to you.

Get facts.
When an accusation has been made you need to understand that it can be very serious and happen
very fast from there. Legal action should be filed if you can prove it and reported to the police
otherwise what you are doing is defamation and you can or will be charged with that if you start
without facts. So make sure you are very positive it happened.
If the accusation is sent via a private message or text copy it straight away, just because it is sent this
way does not make it private for it is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with. One was sent to
my wife about me in a private message(The second one) and she was told not to tell me about it or
show me for I will deny it. Once it is spoken to someone else it is now public no matter how it was
spoken about. Most of the accusers do not think of this and may deny talking about it in the first
place when confronted with legal action, so goes back to – Make sure you are positive and
confident in what you are accusing someone off, for it will be followed up.

It is a Very Serious thing and needs to be dealt with swiftly and with a clear mind not a reaction.
If you are the person making the claim against someone. I would suggest –
- Write down what happened in detail, where, when, what happened. Not just oh a few
months ago or at an event but specific details.
- Speak to someone very close that will be objective but not against you, nor someone that
will just agree with you. A voice of reason and reassurance.
- Seek legal advice before commenting or accusing for I am sure the person being accused will
If you are the person being accused –
- Write down everything you can remember about the client and what happened.
- Check to see if the times, dates match to where or what you were doing at the time.
- Seek legal advice straight away.
- Avoid contact and let a third party do the communication to avoid being accused of trying to
manipulate them even more.
- Most of all stay focused and remove the emotions from this as words may be said that can
go against you.
- Understand you will feel like you are on trial and frankly you will be till it is sorted out.
- If they post it take photos of the time date and what is written for it may be needed. Print
out the accusation as well so you can take it someone else if need be.
If you have told about an offense from a friend –
- Ask for specific facts, dates, time,  place and if anyone else was around.
- Investigate and check those facts if you can.
- Be very mindful of what is said and what you say.
- Never accuse the other person without proof and always make sure the person telling you
wants to go further.
- Realize once you say something you are involved and also maybe up for legal action if facts
are not proven.
- Don’t go around talking about it or posting it unless you are prepared for the consequences.
- Make sure your friend wants it to be spoken about before you start sharing it .
I suggest that you keep records of all your clients (You should anyway), if you feel something may
not be right about the session make notes afterwards for your own records. Many councillors video
record their sessions for this reason for they are working with people that are having trouble with
reality. As a healer this maybe a smart move aswell.
Never ever put your hands near some ones genitals or breasts so they cannot even think you are
being inappropriate in the first place. Set your own boundaries and guidelines and express them to
your client, on what you will and won’t do during the session, it helps set their mind at ease.

The Biggest thing you can do is be transparent if this ever happens to you, be honest and take a
breathe. Speak to those that can help you and then let them deal with it if they are legal minded or
know how to respond in a firm and direct way to get this sorted out, Never accuse the other person
back or threaten , just state facts that can be backed up.

Ivan Beazleigh
Enchanted Healing
Soul Tv Expert