Managing Negative Energy

Managing Negative Energy

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Do you ever get the gut feeling that there is something not quite right with the feeling you are getting from that person in front of you. I mean they are speaking nicely, they re smiling, they are dressed ok, they are not posing as a threat. But still something is just not feeling right.

And that is what most people say when they walk away from that interaction and they can’t place their finger on what it was that made them leaving feeling a little bit ….. ugh! You later find out that this person had a hidden agenda, that they have a history that if you have known from the beginning you would have chosen to not get into a conversation with them. And now you come to realise, ‘that was it, now I know why I wasn’t feeling quite right’.

We have all had those moments. These moments can be experienced with a parent from the school, the new coworker even with a new partner. It could also be that it is someone that you wholeheartedly trust but there was something about the way they said it, what they said or just you felt there was something not feeling right about what just happened. And how many times has this eventuated further and later learnt that your gust instinct was right? Yep, I bet 100% of the time.

Being aware of your own chi and others chi is something that was not officially taught to me. The interesting thing about martial arts that these philosophical concepts are not taught in a verbal structure. Instead it is taught quite elusively with the student having to be proficient in their own physical training that the spiritual training becomes strengthen in turn.

No body ever sat with me and said, Antonella, when you feel like there is something not quite right about the situation you do a tan sau, then a bong sau and then a lap and follow through with a bui tze. The physical training enhances your sensitivity to the spiritual and emotional antennas - so to speak.

Never underestimate the power of your gut instinct - or however else you get your messages. The negative energy that the other person is emitting is swirling with your chi energy and it is sending signals to let you know that you should be on guard.

The negative chi is trying to force it’s way through your chi which is cocooned around you protectively. If your chi cocoon is tight and impermeable the negative chi cannot infiltrate and can only be bounced back.

Physically when we link with an opponent it is for self defence- trust me it’s not for a hug. If your chi canon is strong and thick you are more sensitive to the other person and you learn to not absorb but to redirect their negative energy away from your precious centreline. In Wing Chun one of the theories is The Centreline Theory. You can take a hit on you peripheral (e.g shoulders) but if someone hits you in your centreline you have compromised yourself. Ironically, as you protect your centreline you aim for the opponents centreline.

The bottom line is, if your gut feel said there is something wrong but you chose to ignore it and let that negative chi in your ‘bubble’you invite trouble. It’s as simple as that. Ever heard someone else saying to you to watch out for that guy but because of his good looks or how you like the way he took you out to dinners he ended up being a complete dick! Did your friend say, ’I told you so’?

Be aware of the amazing ways your gut, your higher self or your spirit guides communicate with you. If you do not listen and feel with your being it is inevitable that there will be negative consequences. And as one of my mentors said, “First it’s a tickle with a feather, if you don’t feel that it’s a brick to the head and if you still don’t tune into it it’s a truck swiping you down and you don’t even want to go there.

It may also be people that are in your everyday life, work colleagues, family and friends that may be known as ‘energy vampires’. People that have a low sense of self attach to your positive energy to fill their energy tank up only realising after they are gone that your feel drained.

The chi has different names in different cultures. It does not matter what you call it but it flows in all of us as long as we are alive. When I meditate doing the Sil Lim Tao I use the breath to ground me by focusing on the area below by belly button. I activate this internally whilst being relaxed externally. In Qigong this would be the life energy we were born with and as we age it gets depleted that is why it is integral to building it up from the inside.

In Wing Chun we cultivate the life force, passion, love, acceptance, selflessness - all the parts we are in essence and it is here we develop and work towards spiritual development. This is the part that sets me apart from other main stream martial arts. It is not spoken about and it is not taught. Funnily enough students and teachers use different working based on how they see the world. I am skeptic but also open minded. There are people I trust and there would be no reason for me not to believe what they spiritually experience. I do not see or hear spirit but through my martial arts training I can feel and by listening to my body it guides me away from danger. Through discipline and practice my body instinctively knows what positions I need to use for certain attacks.

You don’t have to do Wing Chun to develop your negative energy radar. There are some simple things you can do. It is a combination of visualisation and physically getting up and doing it.

I would recommend to do this daily in the morning and before you go to bed.

  1. With a positive mindset you have control of the intent behind developing your chi.
  1. Bring your feet shoulder width and make yourself taller
  1. Visualise that your feet are firmly grounded to the earth and make a deep connection with the centre of mother earth
  1. Continue your deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth
  1. All the while feeling through your whole body with the highest intention to bring the feeling of wisdom, strength, confidence, love, acceptance. Ask yourself what does wisdom feel like, what does confidence
  1. Imagine the flow of energy circulating around your whole body and if you feel drawn visualise a colour, sound, taste, feel and shape. Whatever comes to you don’t question it.
  1. Letting this chi flow through you, tell yourself this is to strengthen your chi and to keep you protected and aware of other peoples negative intent
  1. Fill yourself up with this chi, keep breathing and let it build
  1. Keep practicing until one day you can do this anywhere you are by just letting the feeling overcome you

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