Why do we need specifics to get the best from spirit workers?

Why do we need specifics to get the best from spirit workers?

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So, imagine this...you want to get a birthday cake made for a special occasion.  You go to the bakery, tell the baker that you would like a birthday cake and that’s it.  You don’t give them anymore information.  What do you think the baker will do?  After they have finished looking at you a bit weirdly that is...


And that’s sometimes what it can be like when people  go to see a spirit worker.  Now, there can be a number of reasons for why this happens.  It could be :


  • The person isn’t completely sure if the spirit worker is any good and wants to test them
  • The person is afraid to ask the questions they really want answered
  • The person is ashamed to ask the questions they really want answered
  • The person may have a whole host of questions they really want answered and they don’t know which to ask first


On the flip side, asking in generalities could be for the following reasons :

  • The person is completely open to knowing/hearing what Spirit wants them to know at that particular point in time
  • The person implicitly trusts the spirit worker
  • The person really doesn’t have anything specific that they wish to know


Yes, it does sound a bit like I am sitting on the fence here, but these are all genuine possibilities.  


If the question is being asked from a place of lack of trust in the spirit worker, I would ask you to ask yourself, why are investing energy (time, money etc) with a spirit worker if you don’t trust them?


If it is a case of being fearful or ashamed of asking the question that you really want answered, I like to say to my clients that the only wrong question is the one not asked.  There are a whole lot of things that we get to see, hear, know etc and our job is not to judge you, but to be a channel for the messages you need to know/hear and answer your questions to be best of our ability through our connection with spirit.


Without a doubt though, if there is something specific that you are wanting/requiring guidance on, the more specific you can be, the better.  Spirit communication is no different to any other form of communication in that things can get misunderstood/misinterpreted etc – both from the you, the person here in the physical, and for the communications from the non-physical.  I know of one gifted medium who tells the story that in a session with a client, she kept seeing an image of a scythe.  To her it was a Russian reference and she kept saying this to the client.  Eventually she said to the client that she was seeing the scythe and it turned out that the reference was actually directly related to the scythe that this loved one in spirit used to use and the client understood.  We as spirit workers and still having to interpret based on our own frames of reference and sometimes it gets muddled.  Therefore, the more specific you can be, the easier it will be to provide you with clear and accurate answers.


For my own use, when I am seeking guidance/clarity/direction from my guides, I ask them to make absolutely sure that I get the message; to make sure that I get three ways that the message is confirmed and to ensure that I can’t/won’t misunderstand/misinterpret/completely miss altogether the message.  That can have it good points and bad points!!  


It also becomes about connecting with your own intuition and then taking action based on that.  It’s like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger and more powerful it becomes.  Start with little things and work upwards, always taking action.  It’s about trusting your gut instinct.


Peace & blessings,

Sharon Tregoning