How do people learn to soul travel?

How do people learn to soul travel?

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One of the most amazing experiences you can have I feel is to Soul Travel or Astral travel, Each one takes you on a  different path of discovery. So what is Soul travelling or Astral travelling? To me they are very similar.

Soul Travelling I have found is more of off the planet or dimensional travelling. A feeling of very expansiveness and floating around the place is noticed. When your soul travels around you will find that in the realms you visit or you can travel to, anything can be created and time is non-existent. It is a way different feeling to have then Astral travelling.

Astral travelling is where you stay in the earth realm and visit places or people, this can even be felt by people if they are aware of energy changes around them. Some of the times I have travelled to visit people they have noticed me there and been able to tell me the time I did visit. This is a way for me to make sure I have proof of doing this, where with soul travelling I have found no-one has been able to verify it for me unless we did it together at the same time and from the same location.

During meditation is the best way to soul or astral travel as it is set in environment where you are calm and focused on what you are doing. It can be done while asleep but I find that it is more random where you go although some people do set the intent before hand and do it on purpose.

Once you have done this you will find that you are drawn to it over and over again, the consciousness is expanded greatly as you become aware of the bigger picture so to speak. It can become very addictive though to, and you have to make sure that you ground yourself into your body afterwards otherwise you will feel vacant and distant even with the look of spaced out. Not being in balance as well. So there are some downsides to this as well if you are not care full, I have seen this happen to some clients.

To Soul travel or Astral travel is easy, well if you have patience. First of all I will explain a way to Soul travel then go to Astral travel.

  • Set an intention as to where you would like to go first, make it an easy one, say the moon first. Baby steps ok as the further you go the further it is to come back if you frighten yourself.
  • If you are doing this with another person set a safety place to start from once you leave the Stellar gateway. I always used a beach as a landing and departing place for the beach always felt safe to me.
  • Get comfy in a chair or lay down if you like. (Most people fall asleep when they do this, but find it the only way to relax.) Now slow your breathing down and bring your awareness into your chest.
  • Now once you have felt relaxed bring your awareness up through each energy point or chakra staring at the base and then out through your crown, above your crown is an energy point called your soul star, bring your awareness to hear and through the energy point/chakra. Next you will find that you have come to a point above this called the Stellar gateway. (Here is your doorway to other realms.) Go through this gateway to your safe place (Beach for me) and then off you go.
  • If you have calmed yourself down and allowed it to happen without too much mind chatter you will find that you have arrived at where you intended to go to. Spend a little time walking around, then start to come back in the reverse order that you left..
  • Beach, stellar gateway, soul star, crown etc…
  • This makes sure you have grounded and come back fully, do not rush the process.
  • Grab a notepad and write down what you have seen and done, talk to your friend and see if you saw the same things. Most of the time I have done this we have seen the same things, after a while and practice we were able to talk while we did this.

Now with Astral traveling I find sitting in a chair is easiest.

  • A few deep breathes and bring yourself into a relaxed state very much like a meditative state. Choose your destination you would like to visit. I would suggest have a friend that knows what you are attempting and go to where they are so it can be verified. Maybe at the first attempt stay in the room and have your friend move something near them so it will seem different and you can mention it if you notice it.
  • With your eyes closed and relaxed slowly rock in the chair, letting your energy move freely, you may feel a slight light headed feeling here as you rock. (What this is doing is moving your energy field back and forth till it nearly leaves your actual body. Sounds weird but you will find it a strange feeling and know what I am talking about once you try it).
  • After a few rocking movements, send your energy as if to stand up but remain seated. It will feel really odd and if you are comfortable turn around and look at yourself. Keep in mind most people come back to their body hear for the sight of themselves sitting there is to much, it is a great way to see that you have done this.
  • Now you have left your body (May take a few attempts to get this far and that is ok). Send the energy to where you would like to go, again if not successful it will come just keep having a go.
  • Stay focused and notice where you are, what you see, how it feels to you, walk around if you can, maybe push an object with your energy, these will give feedback from your friend if they notice anything.
  • Bring your energy back into your body by sitting down on your own lap. Take a few breathes and rock again making sure you fit back into your body, another weird sensation but a good one.
  • Write down anything you did before you speak to your friend. It is giving evidence that you did travel.

Now I will also mention that you may scare yourself or feel frightened as you do these, I know I have felt scared myself when I went to a different dimension, so I left that very quickly, listen to your energy when you do this. What may look scary may not be and what feels safe may not be, listen to your energy and thoughts when doing this as you senses will be heightened greatly.

Have fun, take care and discover worlds beyond what you believe.

Ivan Beazleigh

Enchanted Healing

Soul Tv Expert