How do people learn to soul travel?

How do people learn to soul travel?

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I believe many people soul travel and don’t even realise it!

Astral Travel is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience or (OBE).

Soul Travel is an interpretation of the soul’s ability to leave the physical body at will or while in a semi-sleep state and visit the various planes of heaven or the spiritual world/universe.

Is there a difference between Soul Travel, Astral Travel or Spiritual Travel?  Yes/No...It’s similar!

Soul Travel - Astral Travel – Spiritual Travel are so similar.  To me, there all the same.  It’s when your soul detaches from your physical body to go on a spiritual journey.  This can happen awake or semi-asleep.  It is a skill and it’s when your soul moves or shifts beyond your physical body, beyond the astral plane and into the spiritual plane.  I don’t believe you can achieve this whilst you’re in a sleep state, this is then called dreaming.  

Why Do People Soul Travel?  It is part of their soul growth and spiritual journey of self-discovery.  They may be guided during a work shop, as I was!  I had never participated in any kind of guided meditation.  I always did it whilst in a semi-sleep, meditative state or simply very relaxed.  I was always curious to know what is there beyond the clouds, beyond existence which made my curiosity grow stronger all the time.  So the first opportunity I had to explore this, I took off like a rocket.  We can use soul travel to meet up our Guides and those who have crossed over into the spiritual realms.  Many people who discover soul travel are not as afraid of death.

What to Expect When You Do This?  It’s best not to have any expectations – just enjoy your experience.  Everyone experiences it differently and there is no right or wrong experience.  My daughter went astral travelling with her two girl guides, they initially grabbed each hand and flew above our house so she had an Arial view then took her to the beach down the south coast of NSW which was approximately 2-3 hours away and played on the sand.  She was able to draw our land which was acreage land and no straight boundaries.  She had never seen a site map and was only 8 years old.  She could never have known this.  When I astral travel, my intentions may be different.  I purposefully go to meet up with certain people for a certain reason then bring back information.

When Did I Discover I could Soul Travel & How Did That Happen?  The first time I remember soul travelling was in my early child-hood.  I believed this to be more astral travelling.  I would be excited to go to bed because I enjoyed flying high above the sky and the feeling it gave me was pure freedom.  The only other comparable sensation is when you take a hot air balloon ride, that sensation of drifting or moving with ease – gliding is very similar to the feeling of soul travel.  Later on in life, I understood that it had a name, a purpose and that many people couldn’t do this, at will.  I explored astral/soul travel in a different way when I grew up – it now had a purpose in my life, for me I began to understand the importance and continued to develop my skill during my mentoring.  It was part of my spiritual awakening.  I then discovered ‘Soul Jumping’ and I put that name on it because even though I felt the action & intention was the same as astral or soul travel – it felt to me that when I intentionally detached my soul to ‘jump’ into another person’s physical body who is still alive, I was able to look at life through their eyes and in this moment would still feel separate yet occupying the same shell (their physical body).  I was then able to communicate what was going on in that time/space.  How the person was feeling.  What their thoughts were.  Give information based on their gender, age, weight etc.  I did not intentionally go out to seek this out.  I was relaxed one day and the t.v news ran an episode of an incident that took place in another state and whilst I ‘zoned’ in – I took off!  I had left my lounge room chair and in that space and time I could not tell you what was going on in my own home but I could relate everything that was happening in that space and time of that particular incident.  It was fascinating!  I have continued to do this a few more times and particularly visiting the elderly patients in either hospice care or who are about to cross over.  This makes my heart race and my adrenalin pump all through my body, it’s exhilarating, emotional, and scary at times but a good scary.  Like jumping off a building, scary and fun all at once.  Yet, I would never do that in this life time.  I do not like extreme sports.  I would rather soul jump any day.


Strategies & Processes to help you safely travel:

How Do People Safely Soul Travel?

I see this process much like our traditional travel plans.  We prepare for lift off – enjoy mid-flight/the experience – then we prepare for landing.  So let’s explore these 3 simple steps;


  • BEGINNING:  Preparing for Lift Off


You MUST relax your body, so find a place to lie down and get yourself comfortable (not too comfortable that you fall asleep).  Close your eyes, relax your physical body and you can do this by laying there very still and concentrating on your breathing.  Allow your body to melt into the cushion, bed, or daybed that you are lying on but remain lucid.  Deep breathing exercises for a period of time until you begin to feel lighter.  Your arms, legs, head and then your whole body will begin to float and slightly hover above your physical body. The floating sensation is the separation of your soul (ethereal body) from your physical human body.   Imagine or visualise a silver chord attached from your ethereal body to your physical body – this silver chord will keep you attached and anchored.  Many visualise this coming from their belly button much like the umbilical cord from birth.


When you first start out you can get to this point then take your focus off the intention and you will automatically stop.  



  • MIDDLE:  Mid-flight/The Experience


To achieve astral/soul travel you must first understand that you MUST remain lucid.  Remaining lucid means that you remain aware of what you are doing the entire time.  You have now achieved the separation sensation and you can visualise the silver cord – now it’s time to take off, shoot up and fly.  Keep imagining that you keep going higher and higher above the clouds, into the atmosphere.  Look around and see if you can see anyone with you or near you.  Is there an object, a person, a place or a situation happening?  Just observe what’s going on.  



  • END:  Prepare for Landing


After you have observed your new surroundings and you are now ready to come back, simply tug on the silver chord or wind it up and as you do, you come closer and closer back to your physical body.  Once you have made it back and have settled back into your physical body – wiggle your toes, fingers, legs, arms and head BEFORE opening your eyes.  Once you feel grounded and can feel the weight of your body – open your eyes.  Give yourself a moment to gather your thoughts then journal what you seen, heard, felt or observed.


New Soul/Astral Travellers worry that they won’t be able to come back into their physical bodies.  Your soul can’t be detached from your physical body until the time of death.  That silver cord is much like a rubber band, you will spring back or snap back.  Everyone has experienced themselves suddenly jumping or jolting whilst in a semi-sleep state, often it is a sensation of falling.  That falling – is your soul moving swiftly through time away from your physical body and the jolt is it landing back in suddenly.  The jolt happens when you lose your focus, are disturbed and ultimately not prepared for the landing.