How to Quickly Get Grounded and Feel Connected

How to Quickly Get Grounded and Feel Connected

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I am sure you have been told that you need to ground yourself. It seems like a catch phrase sometimes, other times it can be a genuine thing to be done. But what does it really mean to get grounded and be grounded? Can anyone do this at any given time? Being grounded is to be within ones body, not off with the fairies so to speak or coming from a higher mindset. It means to be where you are all the time. Not always easy to do in every environment either. Being yourself is what you are always told to do an if being ungrounded is you then so be it. What you will find though is that you will not hear things said to you as your mind and attention is elsewhere.

The most effective way to ground actually is not to go bare foot in nature and connect with Mother Earth, it sure does help but I find that what you are actually doing is connecting to another external source, I am sure you will find that you feel better walking around bare foot and that is because we are meant to be. Nature will help you clear your mind and bring your awareness back, but only if you actually intend to do this, Nature will make you feel energized as well, but not really grounded. I am not saying don’t do this but if you really want to feel grounded you have to stay in your body, bring your attention back to you.

Being grounded and connected are two different things to, one is centred within yourself and the other is aware of other things going on around you usually in the spirit world. You can be connected and grounded or grounded and connected, they may seem the same at first glance but what you will find is that people are one or the other not both. It seems that as humans you are constantly told it is one or the other, but what if you were able to be grounded and have wonderful connections. To be able to communicate with humans and spirit or even to another human you have to have control of your thoughts and actions and be very present.

Listen to a few children talk, they talk over each other and yet fully hear what is being said. Kids stay focused while doing many tasks as they live in the moment, as you grow older we are told one thing at a time, and our ability to stay focused is diluted, for they then begin to think ahead of time. Stay focused and you will see the difference. Even some that are reading this will drift away with what they could be doing. It is normal now days to be like that where at one point in time we were present with those around us.

You will find that many times you will have to be grounded and focused, it could be during work where time is involved and there is no time to panic (A good sign that you are ungrounded). Even as a parent you have to be grounded and get grounded very quickly if a child is in danger. So really being grounded can also be called being focused and present. To be able to act with a clear mind not react to a situation which a ungrounded person would do.

Over time it will become a natural process to be grounded or become grounded. What is interesting is that a lot of people want to be grounded but not sure how to be or they do seek grounding from an outside source like the earth. Their minds are so preoccupied with thoughts about what could happen they are not focusing on the picture, dream or discussion they started with and become distracted and even jaded.

Here are a few different exercises for you to do yourself to become grounded.

  • The first one is to actually create a space to be grounded in, somewhere to send your mind and energy when you need to feel grounded. This place should be within you not an external place. I find that the easiest place is to be in your own heart. A simple breathe into your chest with the intention to be grounded is all that is needed.
  • Take a breathe and sigh it out, this is making you aware of your actions and forgetting the environment for a short time. The Breathe is bringing you into a place of centeredness.
  • Do a simple meditation where you create an anchor in mother earth and have a chain or a rope from there to you. Yes this is an external one. It will help you stay focused if you are one of those people that travel a lot in your mind. Once this is created you can have a little word that is assigned to the rock that will instantly bring you back from wherever your mind has taken you.

So no matter what is going on there is a technique that will help you become grounded. The breathe will do this the quickest in any situation as it is making your focus on something. This is why you have heard so many times (Take a breathe and count to ten before you react.) The breathe gives you a split second to focus, the more you practice this the easier it will be for you.

Next time work or family creates an environment that you need to be grounded in and focused, take a breathe into your chest even if you do this with your mind, it will create a grounding feeling and allow you stay on track no matter what is happening around you. Sports stars do this regularly before they have a shot or kick a ball. It brings them to the here and now and blocks out everything else so they can focus 100%.

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