Are role models important in our lives?

Are role models important in our lives?

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Are role models important in our lives?

Ever since we were a little child we always looked up to someone in our lives. It could be an older brother or sister or a parent. No matter which one it was a bond was formed even if they did not realize it. Sometimes we become a role model for other people even if we do not want to be. To grow up from childhood seeing someone or having someone in your life you can imitate is natural, they become a role model without realizing it.

I feel we all need someone that we can turn to in a time of need or someone that we can look up to and say “One day I am going to be like them.” Even if they turn out to be an influence that is not in your best interest, something draws you to a certain type of person.  The only ones I feel we should not look up to and this is my opinion is celebraties or sports stars. Most are inspiring and as a child they can be influenced very easy. That is what tv does and makes us see them in a light that is actually not really them but a persona to sell or market a product, yes even sports stars are like that too. They are paid to be someone, you will find that personally they are very different. Even when something happens that makes us look at them differently, we have been programmed to look beyond it or we actually forget what happened.

I have noticed when a child looks up to a person or even seeks guidance from them they form a special bond, most of the time it is family until they mix with a wider group of people. Like they say “It takes a village to raise a child” so with this in mind, even if you feel that you let someone down by not being what you thought you had to be, there was others around that were there for your brothers or sisters even friends, a wider circle to help mould and teach the other person.

Looking back at your own life you will see many people that have helped you along the way even if it was to show you what not to do. Role models are there to show you a way to be, not always to inspire you but to see how others interact. They usually are strong minded and stand out from the crowd to the person, so this does not mean they are on tv or on a sporting field but someone that you can go “I like the way the behave or look or treat people.” So really there is no set image for a role model, it can actually be not a nice person, but someone that shows you something or teaches you how to behave. I say that for with all the news showing acts of violence or celebrities misbehaving anyone watching will make up their mind or ask questions about what happened. This is also classed as a role model just not we all expect one to be.

So there is different types of role models, ones that show us what you could call good lessons and ones that teach us lessons that we should not follow. If you have been asked a question from a child or anyone, you have then become a role model for that person at that time, what they do with your answer or act from your action is the teaching you have shared.

Spirit guides are role models for they show you a way to live with guidance, teachers and relatives all do the same thing just not in the same format. I would personal trainers there to for they become a teacher as well, so as you can see there are so many types of role models that if we feel we have not been a good one there are others to carry the torch as well.

I really do not think we should concern ourselves about trying to be one, just be you otherwise you will end up putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Just do what you feel is the right thing, act how you would like someone to act around you and let your actions be the role model. If you try to be one very good chance you will feel like you have let someone down.

Have a look around your circle of people that you seem to focus on, even if they are on tv and notice if you do similar things, one of the first things we change when we look up to someone is how we look and act, we try to copy them. If you are looking to find a role model sit down and write out what you would like to be and see if anyone you now or have seen matches that description. They can be younger or older just as long as you like what they do. Remember to if it is a celebrity you are not seeing the real them.

I feel the best roles models are the ones that just do their thing and not worry about it, or try to inspire anyone, their actions are more normal, the real person comes out. To be a role model just be you, the best you can be using little bits from other people that fit your beliefs and values.

Ivan Beazleigh

Enchanted Healing

Soul Tv Expert