Too Sensitive To Your Surrounds?

Too Sensitive To Your Surrounds?

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How to cope with being too sensitive to your environment...

In my opinion, as a highly sensitive person myself, the 3 main things that will help you rid the effects of environmental sensitive’s are;

1. Disengage

How – by separating yourself from the cause

2. Refuel Your Body

How - replenish your body with natural alternative medicine such as homeopathy remedies, vitamins & eat healthy foods.

3. Rest

How – for 15mins; lay down, sit in the sun, swim in the ocean, read a book, sit quietly or meditate.

Environmental Sensitivity covers various types of symptoms depending on whether it’s a physical symptom or psychic sense symptom. Most people only experience the physical symptoms of headaches, fogginess, fatigue, bowel problems, stomach issues, hives, eczema, muscle pain etc.

If you are also psychic your senses can be heightened to the point of extreme. All of your senses can be effected, awareness, smells, feelings, sensitivities are so acute that you feel on high alert. This is where your feelings can become overwhelming, you need to regroup and recharge.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed then this is the time to take action to replenish and nourish yourself; mind, body & soul. If you are a person who doesn’t like crowds, then choose to shop early in the mornings when less people are up and about.

Other ways to restore your wellbeing; Take a swim in the ocean, sit under a tree and take the time to allow your body to relax. Turn your phone off, refrain from using any electrical equipment, computers, tv even just for 30mins per day. Take a long bath, light a candle or read a book do something that’s just for you. You, will thank yourself later.

Most important; Love Yourself for Who You Are

by Jo Robertson @ Psychic Owl