About Soul Academy TV

About Soul Academy TV

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Soul Academy TV brings Spirit Experts and Soul Experts together in online TV episodes to help, guide and teach you how to live a more aware life.

The topics we share with you and discuss are as wide and varied as life - from the esoteric through to life skills. Our episodes focus on bringing you a range of information and opinions that are practical and delivered from a space of experience and knowledge to allow you to question and evaluate our topics for yourself.

As the founders - Psychic Julianna and host Nicole Fisher – we have passionately created Soul Academy TV to take you beyond the power of a psychic reading into ‘how’ you use that information to action change in your life.

Our philosophy is simple: unless you choose to take action to address what is affecting you, you will remain reading, watching and listening while others change their lives.

We provide guidance and practical and accessible tools for you for just $16/month through fresh episodes uploaded daily.

Julianna standing white transparent background cropped About Psychic Julianna

Julianna Suranyi is a leading Australian psychic, intuitive profiler and behavioural expert – a real-life ‘mentalist’ - who gives detailed insights about people’s behaviours, motivations and predicted outcomes.

Born psychic, Julianna works with spirit every day to help people, animals and souls on their journeys. Professional since 18, for many years she was trained in profiling by Australian police and her unique skills have been utilised by corporate, forensic, government and private clients for over 20 years in her roles as a corporate trainer and strategic consultant to CEOs and as a behavioural manager.

As a psychic, Julianna’s capacity to live what’s happened, what’s going on and where things are heading in people’s lives enables her to work in partnership with spirit to deliver intelligent, accurate and respectful messages that can help people positively change the direction of their lives.

Julianna has worked on several radio stations in Brisbane (River 94.9FM, 97.3FM, B105FM and 4BC) providing psychic profiling insights and behavioural expertise to consumers whilst also working for a range of private clients including advising CEOs on how to make their businesses more profitable using profiling techniques, training staff in corporations and workers in child care centres on profiling and behaviour management and working with clients both personally and via her website about their emotional and behaviour management and strategic life steps.

She has appeared on The Morning Show several times to provide expert profiling and behavioural advice and she has appeared on The Circle, Mornings with Kerri-Anne and Today, in That’s Life, The Sunday MailThe Courier-Mail and Brisbane News and on radio stations around the country for her exceptional insights and skills.


Nic arms crossed croppedAbout Nicole Fisher

Nicole Fisher is a Communications and Branding Expert who helps people and businesses to define who they are in what they say they do. Working with sole traders through to large companies, Nicole clarifies their personal or business brand via her combined marketing, branding and intuitive skills so that they can clearly and consistently communicate this to their existing and ideal potential clients.

Working in conjunction Julianna at psychicjulianna.com and co-hosing on soulacademy.tv, Nicole has guided individuals and businesses to identify the core of what drives them and their brand and reshaped their branding communications so that they are always clear on how they solve their clients’ biggest problem in order to grow their business.

Nicole started her professional life in PR more than 21 years ago undertaking public relations and marketing for many corporate and retail businesses. She specialised in branding for fashion centres and fashion events, leading her to realise that until organisations and individuals in business are clear on their brand, they don’t have the foundation for strong communication and sales.

Nicole has always had a knack for knowing what was important to people. She has always intuitively communicated with people and been able to make them feel comfortable. This is especially important in the work she does with Julianna both on camera and off, which is often highly emotional, based on eliminating fear and working with people and businesses to identify strategic solutions unique to them.