Does spirit work with our timeframes?

Does spirit work with our timeframes?

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Does spirit work with our timeframes?

As humans we seem to forget that we made time and that there really is only the time of now, every other piece of time is gone or yet to come. So when a person asks during a reading “How long before it happens?” or “When will it happen?” we seem to forget that Spirit is not time based.

This is not to say they cannot give timeframes, just that what they see is different to us. We all have been to a doctor and been told the flu or cold or broken bone will heal or be cured within this time. Using this as an example, broken bones can take up to 6 weeks or even longer, yet some football players can play after 4 weeks, So with this in mind when spirit says it will take you 6 weeks to find a new job. Do we take it as exact or that it could be around that time frame.

For me I actually ask to be shown as a reader it in seasons, hot or cold, or count and go through the calendar to get the time frame but not always 100% accurate but very close. What is happening is spirit giving us an indication to what or when it may happen, the rest is really up to you. Do you want it that early or late? Being impatient will also play a part in this.

I have noticed some people may not be ready to hear a time frame as well for it puts pressure on them, an expectation and then a let down if it does not happen exactly at that time. Cakes never cook at the same time in an oven, some quicker than others but the result is the same.

My guides tell me that “They see it as a way to allow the person space. Humans want it all now and as soon as possible, what they don’t want is to wait. That is why ‘We’  will actually make some people late or have an event take place that changes the time frame of meetings, being delayed is normal if the person is not ready to experience the whole reading for what it is. How many have booked something to happen only for something to pop up and make you cancel it. Getting sick before an important event in your life, this is how we remove the time frame and allow it to happen when you are ready not when you want it.”

As you can see they are very clear in how they work with us. Remove the time and watch it play out, most of the time the person wanting time frames is not ready and it scares them as well, for the power within them is passed over to the reader and blame can be used when it did not happen when a time was given.

I have had a client be guided on where to go and who to see to get their business up and running, Being a personal trainer he wanted to expand. Spirit had advised him on a time frame and what to expect and also do to improve his work base. Unfortunately he took that as it will happen and not take any steps to make this happen, he actually said Spirit has told me so it will happen. Sitting on his bum for 6 months waiting for it to happen passed by and being frustrated that his business was not taking of made him feel upset that the reading was not correct. He did not realize or want to hear from spirit that he had to take action for it to happen. You have to buy a lottery ticket to win it came to mind as he sat there for the reading, passing that on also was not heard.

Did he expect it to happen because spirit said it would? Yep..

During readings you can get timeframes but also remember that you have to do the work as well and allow the event to happen not sit back. Showing me hot or cold whether gives me a season to work with, going through dates to  like 1-10, 20-30 gives a rough date, then counting through the ones I feel it important I get the date, passing this on helps the person. But if you are meeting the person of your dreams on the 16th of Febuary because to me it is hot and I could not go past the 16th only means that is when you will meet them not fall in love and get married.

Spirit picks this up and sometimes shows us that just because time is given you may not realize it. You only realize that you are sick when you are bed ridden, yet you have been saying for days you are starting to feel sick. See the point here?

Ask the reader if they can give you a time frame, but don’t get stuck on that date or time, allow that their maybe some delay or it could be a little earlier. Be very specific in your question so the reader can be as direct as they can. Asking do you see love around me? Will I meet the person of my dreams? Will only give you a “Yes there is love around you just not the one you actually want.” Or “The person of your dreams will be meet but are you ready to allow them into your life and are you expecting something that is a fantasy or real?” These are actually answers spirit has given to some clients, before they went on to be specific.

To get the best from your reading and a time frame that is very close, make sure you have some questions written down, specific ones not general. Most readers or channelers will give you what Spirit knows you need to hear, if you want more ask, if you are not sure what they mean ask. This is your reading and what comes out you have the ability to accept or change depending on what is shared.

If you get a time frame, ask them to explain what they see or feel. Make sure if it is put into practice not like the personal trainer that just sat there waiting because spirit told him it would happen. During the reading he wanted to expand afterwards he got scared and pulled back even when he was warned about that to.  No matter what you hear and when they say it will happen it still comes back to you to be aware of the guidance and take advantage of this knowledge. Bottom line it is up to you what you do with the information. Keep asking and don’t be let down if the time was a little off.

Ivan Beazleigh

Enchanted Healing

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