Spiritual Anchoring

Spiritual Anchoring

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Whenever we anchor an intention we are operating out of our will. The question is not whether we are ever setting an intention, even not setting an intention is anchoring in one.

Ennobled and spiritualised intentions come from the Higher Self. However, our intentions can also be influenced by many aspects of our personality. We could be anchoring in unconscious intentions at any moment of the day! That is why mindfulness is such a gift of consciousness.

In order to set crystal clear higher self based intentions, we firstly need to be aware of what is motivating our intentions. We can look to a variety of archetypes in shadow work to do this. When working with the unconscious aspects and making them conscious, we become more and more clear. However, inviting Spiritual help in quickens this process.

We can take a moment to assess our intentions and goals. We can check into our bodies and when we ask the question, “Is this fear based?” we can see and feel how our bodies respond. If we feel sick or frightened, it may well be that we have a fear-based intention. Anchoring in this intention may create what we want in the physical, however it will also manifest stories to assist us to heal, become more whole and resolve our fear. Instead, we can ask Spirit, “Help me to set intentions that are for the highest good of all”.

The more we connect and work with Spirit in setting our intentions, the more love we imbue into them. Not surprisingly, we experience more love-based situations and manifest more love and abundance in our lives. We create less stories that mirror fear back to us and more that mirror back love. So there’s such a great reward in getting clear AND loving, by anchoring intentions mindfully for the highest good of all. Mindfulness becomes not just a gift of consciousness but a great gift of manifestation.

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