Tune your energy into the seasons

Tune your energy into the seasons

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The most amazing energetic experience I find is when we connect with the seasons. The way the energy shifts with each season is amazing and when you tune into each one you will find that they can be as powerful as each other yet so different, one can be reflective while another is all about action. A simple guide to follow would be to tune into yourself and see how you were affected over the last 2 yrs, regardless of what was going on in your life this is all about energy.


When I look up at the sky during winter and summer there is a massive difference. Winter reminds me of pastels, the sky is soft and glows, during summer everything is vibrant and harsh to the eye. Now look at it from an energetic level and I feel they are similar.

Our Body energy bodies will also reflect this in how we feel what is going on around us. As much as what is happening to the Earth during each season we are affected mentally, physically, emotionally and also our spiritual bodies will be feeling the differences as well.

I will say forget the calendar your body already feels each season come and go.

As we are in Spring now you will find that the world looks pastel in the morning, vibrant around noon and back to pastel. Your energy will fluctuate as well during the day reflecting this. We all notice the crisp air at the beginning of spring the flowers and animals all coming to life again after hibernation, so will you be doing the same thing. As they say there is a spring in the step as the season flows into the warmer months. We all become energized and start to rise early and go to bed later. Your energy levels pick up.

This is a great time really to set in motion what you would like to achieve before your body wants to start to close down in 8 months time. This is the time for you to raise your energy levels from what you have been doing over the last 3 months. You will be drawn outside more to soak up the extra fresh air. The first detox of the season cycles starts now, we have to detox cycles.

Summer comes before you will know it, the energy now is very strong within you, even the way you may feel energy will be heightened. Partly due to what was happening to you 5 months earlier (get to that part soon) but also now the sun is up more your levels are affected by the extra energy being sent to the earth. This is why we feel alive even if you are not a summer person your energy is off the radar. Many people find it hard to sit still over this cycle as what is happening is everything inside you is buzzing like crazy. Yes the solar plexus is on fire, your core power is at its peak and vitality is strong. Ever wonder why cold fruit feels so great in the middle of the season? They are full of life and taste and so are you.

Autumn creeps up and the energy levels drop over the next few months, everything is still heightened within you and if you are used to it you can now use this softer energy to start to go through your body and start the healing and inner work leading up to the next season. I find this a reflective season, one where the mind will see what happened during the summer period and believe it or not we actually do spring cleaning now in your own body. Removing what was no longer needed, this is the second detox period we go through. More mind then body and also people that surround us.

Winter, Ah winter. By now the mind, body and spirit seek rest and want to hibernate, just like the trees and animals do. Sleep comes quicker and longer. We cover ourselves up and go within. This is the season to really look at what is going on, most people seek out healings around this time. Not a

reflective time but a more spiritual time. Growth will happen deep within you just like tree roots do all the work now. Setting goals that can be achieved without the hype of the silly seasons or false beliefs are perfect for they can be set in stone so to speak not let out into the air. During this season you will be drawn inside and outside, as the body seeks the energy it needs to keep going, a lot like warming up in the sun refreshes you at this time it also recharges your core.

As you can see they all fit perfectly into what we see with nature, as we are really nature as well. Be connected and simply follow what you feel you need to do. No right or wrong way but a knowing. As each season begins find a little quite space and ask yourself what you need to do and follow that, not a wish list, or bucket list but what you are showing but the simple little guidance you will receive as the days turn into nights.

This is how I see each season –

Spring – Raise your energy levels and detox your system.

Summer – Allow your fire within you to burn brightly and empower you.

Autumn – Begin inner healing and detox the mind as well as the body.

Winter – Hibernation and inner growth whole setting your next 4 season cycle.

I do see the seasons starting from Winter to Winter, not summer as the beginning. For in the beginning the Sun warmed up the planet so it was cold at the start, I maybe alone in this view but see how that resonates with you.


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