Understanding Automatic Writing

Understanding Automatic Writing

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One of the greatest things I ever did as grew spiritually was to allow myself to Communicate with spirit. Automatic writing was a way that showed me what I was feeling was on the right path for me. Being able to ask questions and answering them as I received them took out my brain and ego so to speak. It gave me a way to write down what I was told and review it later. Gaining confidence within me and also building a strong bond between Spirit and myself.

Automatic writing is a form of communicating with spirit in a conversation. You can do it in your mind but we so get confused with our own thoughts sometimes. To me Channeled scribing is the same just another way of describing it. It is a one on one conversation with greater knowledge. Automatic writing is writing down the first thing you hear in your head, not after a pause but just like a conversation with a friend.

Where does this info come from? Well what do you believe in? Angels, Spirits, Galactic Beings, Your Higher-self or even your soul. I find the only way to tell the difference is feel into the energy coming to you, how high does the vibration feel? Or you can just ask them when you are writing as well, that is what I did.

For me when I do this my eyes go blurry and sometimes I have trouble looking at the pad when I write, not after neatness but answers. My head goes really light and a haze is in my vison as well. I see it as my guides coming very close to me. I never read it straight away usually because I still have no clear vison, although I know others can read it right afterwards. I use it as a tool to gain further knowledge when I am in a place where straight out talking or thinking can be hard. Too much noise to listen so just allowing the hand to flow is easier. I even find myself giggling at what I hear as I write it. The language is very different to what I would use, I have the words Thou and humans come out (Like I was talking in the third person language).

I feel everyone can do this if they really let go of the mind and express. If this happens without warning Awesome I recon, yes scary too to some but this means you are really ready to communicate with your Spirit of choice. Have you ever just doodled and patterns form and they make you feel great and uplifted when you looked at it? You just channelled a drawing to raise your own energy. Musicians often mention the Lyrics just came to them, from out of nowhere.

Spiritual boundaries need to be placed as well if you just do this without thinking, ask your spirit communicator to talk like this only when you are ready, ask for a sign that you recognize when they would like to talk and share with you in this manner. No spirit should take over your body and just do this, it means on a level you gave permission and you need to then set the guidelines again, Your body you are in control. They will respect your decision. Not all information you receive you will agree with or want to hear but Spirit always tells us what we need to hear. Sometimes you will get visions/smells and sounds outside of your head (Like birds, trucks and horns) as well, write them down, for they are relevant to the question you have asked.

One thing I noticed at the start is info came though that I had no idea what to do with, and if I shared it I thought what would people think of me, so I just let it happen (After speaking to someone I trusted), other times I got warnings for family members, again I sat with it and made sure I felt comfortable first with any reactions that will and did come my way. Thankfully even though they did not believe they saw what I was talking about one day as it happened and they acted to the message.

This can be a great tool to use, and I have found spirit WILL NOT give me information about anyone that it was not to help or relevant to me and my growth. Gossip is your mind.

We all can do two or three things at once – Talk, wash up and listen to music. What we cannot do is think two things at once, no matter how hard you try you cannot, I have had some people tell me they can and I just laughed, they were kidding themselves or trying to prove they are better than the rest of the world.

Try it, go find a quiet place.

-          Say in your mind your mums name, now your fathers name, easy you say. Now say them in your together at once not after each other but at once. Impossible, we are yet to think tow things at once. Now before you go “Oh I was thinking about going to the park and then my friends name popped in my head as I was thinking this.” Is the same thing nope it is not. There were gaps in your thought.

-          Now ask yourself – Is this person telling me the truth? Did you get two or three answers then. One at the start before you asked the question, one afterwards and the most important one is the one as you asked the question. First and last answer is You and your mind, the one during the question is from somewhere else.

-          Your guide/teacher/spirit/angel/soul/higher-self has now spoken to you, How did it feel? Did you feel a raise in your body heat up or vibration raise? What happened is you have just spoken to a form of Spirit.

Now that your mind is going crazy you can grab a pen and paper and start.

Ask a question and write what you hear straight away, do not worry about spelling or grammer, just let it flow. I put my name then question so I know the difference as I read it later. If you write over the same word it is important. A good start is to ask “Who I am communicating with” “What I am I going to learn from this” simple questions at the start. What is going to happen this week? Can be another one. Enjoy it and have fun.

No pressure from you or expectation of the outcome will deliver the best results.

To go a little further, record the conversation if you feel you need to talk it out loud. Make sure you enjoy the experience and not feel burdened.

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