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I often see people turn over their power to others. I see it at school, in the work place, in the church. We are conditioned to believe someone else knows us better than we know ourselves. This can be a dangerous place to live as it leaves us wide open to ‘any guidance’ that comes our way.
I would also suggest caution when you are seeking answers from spirit workers, because if you are not certain with what you are seeking answers for you can end up a path that you were not intending to go down. Many spirit workers come from a place of their own experiences and they have filters in place, so their answers if there are not specific questions will come from their filters and belief systems.
When you are asking questions from those that work with spirit, Make sure that it clearly describes the specific problem or concern you're facing and wanting guidance on.
The beginning of a question should include a brief summary of the problem:
What are you trying to do?
What is your desired result?
What is actually happening?
What if any relevant information have you gotten from trying to fix it yourself?

Look at it this way, If you are planning a trip you are specific on where you want to go. It is rare that you just get into the car not know where you are going and pull over and ask someone on the street, where do you think I need to go. It is the same when working with spirit workers. Be specific about what you want to achieve and ask the questions that you want answers to.
You don't get if you don't ask!
Our spirit, our energy, and our personal power are all one and the same force. If you are working with a spirit worker that tries to take away your power, do yourself a favour and make a quick exit. Those that work in this energy are very destructive.
Listen to your inner guidance and if something doesn’t feel right it usually is the case.
Our spiritual task in this lifetime is to learn to balance the energies of body and soul, of thought and action, of physical and mental power.
So if you wait for information to come to you from spirit without asking the specific question. You will be left waiting and unfulfilled. Let go of the fear be bold and ask directly and openly, discerning what is true for you. Be prepared to take action as no one can balance your life but you, no one can control your thoughts and action but you. No one can heal your soul but you. If you want to move forward in your life and spiritual development, you need to take action. So ask for the specific answer to come to you and when it comes take action. This just could be the step that you need to take to open up the next door.


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