Will I fulfill my career desire?

Will I fulfill my career desire?

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One of the hardest things you can do is to further your own knowledge and begin something that you love to do, sometimes others may influence how you go about this but most of the time your own mind will play a major hand in it. Self-doubt will creep in and before you know it the dream you once had can create the biggest fear in your life.

Most of the time you may feel pressured from your peers as to what you do as an adult career wise,  your own ideas grow as you do and when you get to a point that you are able to begin the study someone may say words to you that will allow the fear to start.

It is not easy if the chosen career path comes later in your life or your skills and knowledge are not where you think they need to be. Changing the way you think or act will be the hardest thing to achieve, most of the time is even harder than actually believing you can be the person you want to be.

There are a few steps you can do to avoid this, some are simple others will take a little more effort. How you view yourself will be the most important part. If you are easily led you will find that fear or self-doubt will always play a part in your life. No matter what happens you will go to the self that feels criticized. This self is a very strong one as it will pick you apart from the way you look to how you are around people, from the very beginning this self has grown quicker than you. Every time you felt that you were put down it grew within you, every time you failed at something you attempted it grew.

So the first thing to do to avoid this is to understand that within you are many selves that help and hinder you all in the name of protection, mostly from failure. So you can see when you look back at your own life there are times when a part of you criticized yourself and the feeling of not good enough is there in all its glory.

Basically this is the main reason so many will feel they are not good enough and why self-doubt is very strong in your life. To overcome this you have to be prepared to fail, not aim to fail but be realistic that it may happen and have a plan b so to speak. This is not letting fear of success or self-doubt rule your life but it is given it a chance to speak before you go “Well that may happen but I’m going to give it my best” Even these simple words can change the outcome in any situation you come across.

It is reaffirming that you are capable and willing to give it a go.

The next step to making sure you succeed and not let self-doubt overcome you is to stay positive. Some ways is to clap your hands when you want to do a task, this is stating a fact, making a statement of what you are achieving.

Let others express their opinions to you but make sure you don’t take them on yourself, not always easy but the more you do this the easier it will become and self-doubt will not happen as much. Stay true and firm in your decision to finish study, climb that mountain, invest in your future or even change your career later in life.

Write out your plan and stick to it, see yourself doing what you set out to do and work backwards writing down the steps you need to do this till you reach the point of where you are now. Then take the little steps towards the goal. Fully knowing that you can and will achieve this as you have now got a plan, anytime someone mentions that it is not possible go back to the plan and remind yourself that you can..

Believe you can succeed, Know you can succeed. Any attempt is better than none at all, each

, each attempt brings you closer to your desire and makes self-doubt take a back seat.


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